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Gen and Psych's Shared Journal

Psych rules, Gen droo-Oh slag!

Genatria and Psych
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Name: Genatria

Nickname(s): Gen, Gena

Gender: Femme

Height: 17 ft

Optics: Blue

Coloring: Mint/Pale Green, White highlighting

Alt Mode: 2007 Toyota Corolla CE

Faction: Autobot

Occupation: Geneticist, Biochemist, Scientist/Engineer

Basic: Three million years ago, Gen was built off Cybertron, on a small organic planet, by Neutral Codex, who wanted nothing more to do with the war. Following in her Creator’s footsteps, she took to studying organic life, particularly the field of genetics. She was content with her small family’s relatively lonely lifestyle, travelling from planet to planet, up until one day when she met and befriended a wandering mech that was about her age. Claiming to be a Neutral, “Windblade” was in actuality a Decepticon sent out to search for neutrals likely to join the Decepticon cause; those that showed Autobot tendencies or had simply refused to join were to be terminated. If it weren’t for the intervention of several of the planet’s inhabitants, a sentient and technologically advanced race called Andalites, Gen would not have survived. Codex was not so lucky. In her grief, Gen made the impulsive decision to go to the home planet she never knew and join the Autobots. After a few extremely reclusive millennia of trying to avoid anyone and everyone, psychologists thought to transfer her to Earth where it would be more difficult to hide away from everyone.
Blogs: Found out that the Ark-bots are crazy. The universe imploded not long after.
Sages: Not long after the world went “hurk! blah!”, Gen was spat out into the Nexus, a hub of the multiverse. Dazed and confused, she somehow managed to inadvertently befriend a femme, 2007movie-verse Bumblebee (she’s still trying to figure that one out) and find herself a new home universe all in the first hour of her arrival. Go her.

Personality: Due to being raised with organics, combined with the fact that the first mech she met outside of the family turned out to be a sadistic SOG, Gen is understandably shy around other Cybertronians. It’s worse with mechs than it is with femmes, and sparklings hardly frighten her, if at all. Prone to startle easily and also a hemophobic; the sight of internal mech fluids (energon, oil, lubrication, etc.) causes her to faint, unless it’s a grievous injury, in which case triggers a panic attack. Oddly enough, organic blood does not phase her in the least. After getting to know someone, she starts to open up, revealing herself to be a generally sweet nerd-girl, though she has been known to toss out a sarcastic remark or two. But in a nice way.

Tools and Goodies: Always has a flash grenade (or ten) handy in subspace; has several mods that allows her to study organic samples at a molecular level; the tires in the back of her shins can be flipped to the bottom of her feet (can we say roller blades?)

Other: Knows thousands of different languages; twin sister to Psych; adopted mother of Caleendi; sparkbonded to pastwillhaunt; thanks to a whim of the mun, speaks with an Irish accent


Name: Psych

Nickname(s): none, but will answer to “hey you”, “slagger”, “fragger”, “smart-aft”, etc.

Gender: Mech

Height: 17 ft

Optics: Blue

Coloring: Forest Green, Black highlighting

Alt Mode: 1957 Ford Thunderbird hardtop convertible

Faction: Neutral

Occupation: Resident Headache, but has been known to be handy with communication systems

Basic: When requesting a spark from Vector Sigma, Codex at one point accidently says “he” instead of “she.” As a result, the spark split, albeit incompletely, and Psych was born. Lacking a body, he learned to share with his sister and has taught himself to use her communication system so that he could communicate directly with Dad. Living through the comm. links has given him a much better than average proficiency with them, so he was made their hidden comm.-tech guy. After Genatria joined the Autobots, Psych remained hidden out of a fear of Gen being used as a test-subject/science-project; spark-twins are rare enough, but conjoined twins have never even been heard of. That’s not to say he didn’t mess around with a few mechs from time to time, but he was very careful about it.
Blogs: Had some fun with the Badger Mushroom Snake song. Revealed himself to Ratchet shortly before the end of the universe, and was promised a body so that Gen could finally kick his skid-plate if they ever survived.
Sages: Figuring that he already survived the end of the world, and what’s the worst that could happen, Psych began speaking to others directly if they have a comm. system. This has earned him several promised future aft-kickings. When he and Gen were hit by a LOL that gave him a human body, their sparks were finally forced to separate. The Ratchet from the Blogs universe remembered his promise and built Psych his own body, which, after a few initial glitches, he has taken to quite nicely if he does say so himself. He’s still waiting for those aft-kickings.

Personality: A smart-aft and a joker, Psych’s the kind of guy that you would want to go out and drink beers (or, high-grade) with. He generally gets along well with anyone he meets, but Primus help he who looks at Gen and Caleendi the wrong way. He does like to help others if he can, but he refuses to be acknowledged as an Autobot, saying that Gen’s the one that took the oath, not him, and the war could just crawl into a hole and die, plzkaythnx.

Tools and Goodies: Hardtop doubles as a shield and a satellite receiver; is the proud owner of a Clue-bat, courtesy of Lily Forscythe(someday_divine)

Other: Knows thousands of different languages; twin brother to Genatria; adopted uncle of Caleendi; brother-in-law to pastwillhaunt; thanks to a whim of the mun, speaks with an Irish accent

((Note: This is a fictional journal created for the TFBlogs, maintained by nekohitori.))